Tri Delta

Alpha Psi at University of Florida

Our House

"Living in the house is one of the best opportunities that I had a chance to do in college so far! I love coming home to my best friends everyday. I've become so much closer with my roommates and really appreciate the amazing sisterhood I've joined. We're so comfortable with each other that I have no problem jumping in any of their beds to just talk or watch a movie! There are many closets to borrow clothes from, and I'm very lucky that my sisters are so generous in dressing me in their clothes all the time! Living in house is also so convenient because I can just walk downstairs for all of my meals or to grab a snack anytime! Our house mom is amazing and always makes sure that we have everything we need and will even make us special desserts or cook food for us during those late-night study sessions. I'm so thankful to live in house with all of my sisters and get the chance to be so involved in this incredible sisterhood." –Katie, PC'17

"Taking the opportunity to live in house my second year was by far the best decision I have made in my entire life. I decided to live with girls I wasn't as close with within Tri Delta and the outcome of it was even better than I could've ever anticipated. I have never felt so close to a group of girls in my entire life and I love never coming home to an empty house. Everything about this place feels like home, and I am so beyond lucky I get to live in here for another year!!" –Madison, PC'16